Confidence Workshops

A lack of confidence can hold you back. It can stop you from applying for promotion, leading a team or building your business.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Join me on a confidence workshop to learn more about confidence and to find out how to overcome your fears.


Discovering Confidence is a one day workshop dealing with confidence in general although you will have the opportunity to

work specifically on your area of confidence. For those who have specific confidence issues around work related situations, giving

feedback, dealing with challenging employees, speaking up in meetings etc.  we recommend that this is followed by attending our

Working With Confidence Workshop.  

Please contact me to find out more about our next workshop.  All workshops include lunch, refreshments and a very warm welcome!  


Discovering Confidence                                                                                                      Working with Confidence

Included in this workshop;                                                                                                    Included in this workshop;                                                                       

  • What is Confidence and why does it matter?                                                              My Confidence at work

  • Confidence vs Self Esteem.                                                                                             Challenging the challenging! 

  • Breaking out of our comfort zone.                                                                                Confident Meetings 

  • Why are we so afraid?                                                                                                     Speaking up

  • Why do I feel like a fraud?                                                                                               Giving feedback

  • Limiting beliefs and how to change them.                                                                   Getting Noticed 

  • How can I change how feel?                                                                                            Your Personal Professional Image

  • How can I appear more confident?                                                                                Take away tools to use in the workplace.

  • Take away tools that you can use today to improve personal confidence.      


Workshops are limited to 8 people per class.   You will get lunch, refreshments and a very warm welcome! Contact me now to find out more.

"I had been struggling with lots of things in my life when I met Aline, during my sessions with her I felt supported and more positive after each one. I felt more confident.  I would like to keep Aline with me all of the time, she is so positive! I now believe in myself much and I have been able to progress with many areas of my life." LG Exeter