Profiling for better recruitment decisions

 i3 Profiling, works alongside your usual robust recruitment system.


Many profiling tools only profile the applicant.  This will highlight their preferred communication style or way of working. I3 Recruit is a profiling tool that enables the recruiter to profile the role and will indicate the skills required and match this to the candidate’s strengths, their skills and their suitability to the role. 


It is not a competency check.  It will indicate how an individual is likely to carry out a role and whether it suits their natural strengths.  The i3 report will also highlight the ‘space and place’ where an individual will be most productive, indicating a best working environment.  This is something that is important to the wellbeing and productivity of the individual, but is rarely considered when recruiting.

Profiling adds subjectivity to the recruitment process as the role can be profiled first and the selected candidates profiled to match the skills and behaviours required by that role.  The recruiter is provided with specific details on each candidate and how they are likely to behave in that role.


A full profile is also produced for the successful candidate, giving the hiring manager an overview of their strengths and potential development areas, thus reducing, the settling in and getting to know you phase



  • Recruit based on natural skills and strengths

  • Make better hiring decisions

  • Avoid costly ‘mis hires’

  • CV’s show what someone has done – i3 shows how they will do it.

  • Know your most productive environment.

  • Adds objectivity to internal recruitment 

Used by hiring managers, HR professionals and recruitment consultants.

Costs vary depending on the number of candidates to be profiled, but as a guide;

To profile the role, 4 candidates, feedback the results and to produce a full profile including 121 feedback session for the successful candidate  £ 995.00 + VAT