Profiling for new Leaders

Understanding your own communication style, management style and working preferences can give you a great advantage when deciding what role you chose and in helping you to communicate with others.

This is particularly important when choosing a new role or when applying for your first leadership position.


Many of my clients are great, even brilliant at what they do.  But when applying for, or assuming a new leadership role, different skills are needed.  The ability to communicate with, motivate and lead people becomes the biggest part of your role.

You may also have to adjust to a new environment and realise that there are now different expectations of you from your boss and your team.

Profiling is a great way to identify your natural leadership strengths and how to maximise these in your new role.   It will also identify the areas where you may need to develop your skills.  The feedback coaching session will help you understand how to develop the skills and thinking you may need as a leader.



My Fees - Online profile with 500 word unique report and 1 hour 121 feedback coaching session. £150.00 + VAT