Leadership Coaching - Many senior leaders work with a coach to help explore new ideas and to gain perspective on situations which may be difficult to share within the management team.  As your coach will help you identify your priorities and act as a confidential sounding board for your thoughts.

For those who are moving into their first leadership role, whether as a supervisor, team leader, manager or head of department, the challenge of managing people for the first time can be a big one.  It can be especially complex when you have already held a position within the team you now manage!  Coaching offers 121 support, specific to your individual challenges, whether it is creating influence, giving difficult feedback or understanding your new position.  I will help you to understand and develop your natural style as a leader.   

Guided Coaching - Clients will usually come to coaching with their own goals.  In a work environment an employer may have already identified and agreed specific areas for development with the employee. Guided coaching is when these development areas are used to form the framework for the employee's coaching sessions. For example, an employee preparing for a new leadership role may  wish to develop skills such as giving constructive feedback, delegation and managing professional relationships. Please call me to discuss your specific requirements.  07970 455252


'In house coach' - You may benefit from the support of  having a coach on site on specified days each month. This enables several team members to be coached on the same day.  This is a cost effective way to maximise the potential of the team, particularly during times of organisational change. Please call me to discuss your specific requirements.  07970 455252

For further information or to book a free 1 hour consultation please call me on 07970 455252 or e mail me at aline@optimalcoaching.co.uk

Cost for individual coaching - £80.00 plus VAT per hour ( Day rates are also available)

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