Coaching for small Business Owners and The Self Employed

 If you are self employed, or lead a small business it can feel like you are constantly juggling lots of different jobs.  You may end up working on everything from sales to accounting. 

This can be a very lonely role and this can lead to overwhelm and stress and your valuable time is wasted wondering what to do first.  A coach can help maintain focus, direction and support.

Small business owners often start a business because they are passionate about their service or their product. As their business grows they face the added challenges of scaling the business and of recruiting and managing other people. A coach can offer support and guidance with this important process. 

Many self employed or small business owners struggle with time management and work life balance. Many clients suggest that the reason that they wanted to work for themselves was to have more control of their time. A coach will help you maximise your time and your potential.

For further information or to book a free 30 minute consultation please contact me

Costs Individual coaching  £80.00 +VAT per hour ( Discounts available for prepaid sessions of 6 or more)