Profiling for the Self Employed

Running your own business can mean that you have to wear many different hats!  Somedays you are company director, the next you may be accountant, sales person, web designer, HR expert,or IT person. 


The chances are that you started your business doing something that you love and are good at.  The other tasks can deplete your energy, lead to frustration, overwhelm and you can lose direction and focus.


 Knowing your personal strengths in this situation is invaluable.  An i3 profile takes less that 15 minutes to complete online and it will highlight your natural instinctive way of working and communicating and how this may be playing out in your business.  Your unique results will be shared with you in a 121 session by a qualified coach.  This will give you clear insights into your natural strengths, where to focus your personal resources and how to navigate the areas you may be overthinking or are holding you back.

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Cost  i3 Profile including 1 hour feedback session with a qualified coach £150.00 +VAT