Profiling for Team Development

Teams who communicate well perform better.   So many teams are working hard and pulling in the same direction, but due to different working styles and communication styles, there is tension and ineffective communication.  This can lead to team members feeling misunderstood and disengaged.  Ultimately this affects morale and productivity. 

Team profiling is an effective way to help the individuals in your team understand their own working and communication style and how this may impact others.  Each team member completes an online questionnaire, this takes about 15 minutes and will have the results shared with them individually in a 121 session with a qualified coach.



The team will then be brought together at a workshop facilitated by a qualified coach, (usually on a different day) to share results and understand how these differences may be impacting positively on the team and what changes could be made.



Cost per team member profile  £150.00 + VAT

Facilitation of workshop ( Usually 3 hours for a group of  up to 6)  £80.00 + VAT per hour