Why I became a coach

 I was first promoted to the role of 'supervisor' at the age of 21.  I had been interviewed for the position with some of my peers who had also applied.

I was not prepared for the challenges of managing a team, especially managing the emotions and behaviours of colleagues who had also applied for the position.  This was not only a challenge for me, but also for my new team!

Today, many years  later, and after many years of experience, personal and professional training and development, I work with many new and senior managers who are learning what it takes to lead people. I am passionate about helping 'managers' become 'leaders'.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or lead a team of 200, I can help you overcome your challenges and hit your targets.  Here are just a few reasons that you can put your trust in me.

  • I offer a free consultation (ideally face to face)  so that you can decide if I am the best coach for you. 

  • I have more than 20 years experience in managing teams.

  • I have coached leaders in large corporate organisations such as Flybe and EDF energy.

  • I have a first class honours degree in Leadership and Business Practice

  • I am a qualified coach.

  • I aim to get positive measurable results for my clients.  I have a supportive and collaborative coaching style. 

  • I have worked with teams experiencing organisational change including culture change, company mergers, rapid company growth and downsizing resulting in redundancy.

  • I also have worked with organisations at times of growth, to support and expedite the development of new members of the management team.

My first leadership role