Thank you for visiting my website and for considering me as your coach.


I believe that with the right support, we can all have a better day at work, whether we are working for ourselves or for someone else. Many of my clients are women who are reinventing themselves with new careers,  or who have been working running their own micro business or small business and are feeling the overwhelm of doing everything in the business themselves, feeling isolated or lonely, feeling stuck, or lacking in confidence about how to continue.


My clients who are employed in larger businesses or who have corporate roles are often promoted because they are technically good, or even brilliant at what they do.  However, with little or no training from their employer on how to manage or lead a team, they find this aspect of their new role challenging.  I work 1 2 1 with clients  who are in a leadership role and who are looking for support in developing their people and leadership skills.

I wish that I'd had a coach to support me when I was 'thrown' into my first leadership position at the age of 21!   (have a look at my video to see how it went for me!) I am passionate about helping others to have a better experience!  I also obtained my first University degree at the age of 47!   I firmly believe that you are never to young or too old to invest in your personal or professional development.   

As a 'social introvert', I understand not only the anxiety that networking can cause, (most clients hate the 1 minute introduction around the table) but I  also understand how challenging speaking up in the corporate world can be, when you are trying to get your voice heard, either in meetings, with your team, or with your boss.

I coach clients on a 1 2 1 basis. I work with Team Leaders, Managers, Executives and Small Business Owners.

Many of my clients benefit from having a unique personality profile created for them.  This is a great was to identify their strengths and how to use these effectively in what you do.

I specialise in, communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, soft skills, confidence coaching and reducing overwhelm and stress.

I would love to hear from you and to offer you a free 30 minute consultation to understand how we might work together.  Contact me at   or 07970455252